Dance film screenings. A day of films featuring our festival artists is the title of the dance film programme that this year too will take place during the 17th International Festival of Contemporary Dance of La Biennale di Venezia in a one day of non-stop screening on Sunday July 23rd. From 11.30am to 9.30pm at Teatro Piccolo Arsenale a selection of boundaryless movies by and with the choreographers of La Biennale Danza: Andrea Peña, Luna Cenere, Botis Seva, Oona Doherty, Lucy Guerin, Pontus Lidberg, Tao Dance Theater, Michael Keegan-Dolan, and of two exceptional artists such as Sue Davies and Gisèle Vienne.

Writes McGregor: “Our dance film programme has had a steadily committed audience from its inception, and we would like to continue this strand of work in 2023. In Biennale Danza 23 we will profile film work from the festival artists, work curated by them and major releases from established makers, as well as raw experimental visions. This season we will also present premieres of work by multi-generational artists including the autobiographical film by UK septuagenarian choreographer Sue Davies in collaboration with David Hinton and Hugo Glendinning”.

h. 11.30am Andrea Peña 6.58: Manifesto (2021, 74’)
In our post-industrial reality, artificiality is intertwined with our bodies and minds, and artifice taints our interactions and experiences.

h. 1pm Luna Cenere Genealogia_Time specific (2020, 40’)
An installation based project to which is added the relational character of a community, a group that becomes an expression, a place, a landscape in transformation and migration.

h. 2pm Botis Seva Inside the Blind Iris (2023, 11’) direction Douglas Bernardt
An experimental cinematic dance film exploring oppression and the absence of belonging. Set in the main character’s confused state of mind, dancers appear as haunting spirits and memories, as he journeys in search of his own self.

h. 2.30pm Oona Doherty Navy Blue Faces (2022, 8’) direction Oona Doherty/Luca Truffarelli
A series of people’s feeling. In a deep dark blue night. Navy Blue Faces is a cinematic form of Oona Doherty’s show Navy Blue (2022).

h. 3pm Lucy Guerin I’m in a Forest (2023, 17’) – World premiere direction Lucy Guerin/Angus Kemp
Danced in an empty gallery, without audience, the film shifts between the inner motivations of the dancer and the residual imprint and presence that they leave behind.

h. 3.30pm Pontus Lidberg Written on Water (2020, 80’) screenplay, direction, coreography Pontus Lidberg
A sensual and philosophical interrogation of the permeable boundaries between fiction and reality, muse and siren and the changeable roles we play.

h. 5.00pm Tao Dance Theatre Pay Attention to More Human Bodies (2023, 35’) production Tao Ye, Duan Ni
In 2021, TAO Dance Theater established TAO Studio – running a series of courses for amateurs who had no dance training or background. Allowing each participant to feel, experience and explore.

h. 6pm Sue Davies Transparent – Sue Davies (2022, 35’) animation editing Noriko Okaku
Reveals the reflections of dancer and choreographer Siobhan Davies as she unravels the complex processes that underpin a life’s work in dance.

h. 7pm Michael Keegan-Dolan The Dance (2022, 78’) direction Pat Collins
An observational feature documentary that follows the staging of MAM by Michael Keegan-Dolan from the first day of rehearsal to the opening night performance at the Dublin Theatre Festival in 2019.

h.8.30pm Gisèle Vienne If it were love (2020, 82’) direction Patric Chiha
Fifteen young dancers of different origins and horizons are on tour with Crowd, Gisele Vienne’s epic dance piece exploring the rave scene of the 1990s.

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