Open call for professional dance artists for residential stay in Mediterranean Dance Center San Vincenti

The Mediterranean Dance Center functions as a platform for researching dance and movement - offering space and resources for the creation and development of various forms of performing arts. During last decade MPC has hosted numerous artists at various stages of research and creation of their own projects. Located in Svetvincenat, the small Istrian renaissance city of just 180 inhabitants, MPC also offers an inspiring environment, peace and isolation with the main goal to ensure the work proccess without any distractions.

We invite dance artists with fresh ideas for new projects to apply for residential stay in Mediterranean Dance Center. The deadline for application is February 20th!

MDC offers:
- artistic residencies from April to November 2022 (duration of a single residential stay of normally 7-10 days. If you need a longer stay, explain)
- living and working in the Center during your stay; the studio measures 9 x 20 meters. There is a wooden floor (with the possibility of using black or white dance floor), ordinary working lights (no special equipment), a wardrobe, a sanitary facility with washing machine, and a kitchenette). MPC will host you at the upper floor, an open-space sleeping area overlooking the studio itself. You can see the pictures following the LINK
- food costs during the stay.

MDC expects:
- travel expenses MUST be covered by the artist/group
- an open presentation for the audience at the end of their stay and/or a workshop where the artist (or group) teaches and presents their practice to the local community.

You can application form HERE. Deadline for applications is February 20th. For all your inquiries, you can contact us at zagrebdancecompany@gmail.com until February 10th.

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