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Lausanne February 6th, 2021: the web audience have followed the 49th Prix de Lausanne Finals thanks to the live streaming. Among the 20 Finalists, 6 were awarded a Prize allowing them to enter one of the Partner Schools or Companies of the Prix de Lausanne.

78 out of the 82 initially selected candidates have participated in the competition with their videos and 20 of them reached the Finals that took place on Saturday, via video.

At the end of the Finals, the Jury, presided this year by the Director and Choreographer of the Basel Ballet, Richard Wherlock, selected 6 Prize Winners. Thanks to their scholarships, these 6 talented dancers will have the opportunity to enter one of the prestigious partner schools and companies of the Prix de Lausanne.

The 6 Prix de Lausanne 2021 Prize Winners are:

Finalist Award

Finalists who have not been awarded any prize receive the Finalist Award (a sum of CHF 1'000.-) offered by Bobst SA.

Networking Forum

Like in previous years, the candidates have the opportunity to take part in the Networking Forum, but this year through a new online app set up by the Prix de Lausanne. In the coming weeks, the representatives of the Partner Schools and Companies will directly get in touch with the candidates and make them offers. Thanks to this opportunity, the Prix de Lausanne competition pursues its mission in providing all participants with unique chances.

Live streaming

This year, the ballet class exercises videos and the variations broadcasted during the Selections have been watched almost 500 000 times on ARTE Concert, YouTube, Facebook as well as on the Prix de Lausanne website. The Selections and Finals were also streamed in China, on Tencent.

Young Creation Award

The 5 final choreographies of this new programme have been revealed on Wednesday, February 3rd. The Prix de Lausanne Jury has judged the 5 original variations and announced the two winners during the Finals’ Interlude. The winners are:

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